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Dry Feet Moisturizing Cream

100% smooth skin feeling
Highly effective daily care with 10% UREA
Works against moisture loss and nourishes the skin
Reduces dry and rough skin


Dry Feet Moisturizing Cream

Ideal for daily application to keep your feet smooth and healthy, the Hansaplast Dry Feet Moisturizing Cream with 10% urea rehydrates the skin and strengthens its protective function. Urea, a substance that naturally exists in the upper layers of the skin, works here as an intensive moisturising formula to maintain the moisture levels in your foot skin. By restoring the levels of urea, this foot cream is able to attract and bind moisture to the layers of the skin lacking hydration. Even very dry skin will regain that 100% smooth skin feeling again and remain protected against the formation of callus with this fast absorbing, pleasantly fragranced formula.

This product is suitable for diabetics. 


Dermatologically approved
Based on clinical studies, this product is confirmed to be skin-compatible.

Clinical Studies

100% smooth skin feeling

Hansaplast Dry Feet Moisturizing Cream with 10% UREA has been tested in dermatological studies. The formula has proven excellent efficacy and skin tolerability on extremely dry skin. Corneometer measurements showed significantly improved skin hydration by 67% after only one week of daily use*.


The study also demonstrated the following findings:

  • 100% of diabetic participants stated the cream is very well suitable for the daily care of their skin
  • 94% stated it reduces the signs of very dry skin
  • 91% agreed regular product use strengthens the skin’s protective function

* Dermatological in-use study. 2 weeks, 33 female participants including 19 diabetics. 2013


How to use


Apply twice daily on dry feet. Gently massage into the skin – especially the heels. Continue to apply regularly to maintain soft and smooth feet.

More tips for general care

For more information and advice for healthy looking feet, read The five most common foot skin problems and how to solve them. For advice on how to give yourself a professional pedicure at home go to Hansaplast Pedicure Tips.

FAQ (5)

  • 1. How does dry skin develop?

    There are several causes of dry skin. The most common one is aging. The second most common cause is likely to be people’s washing regime, because the use of soaps, excessive showering or the use of certain shower gels can dry out the skin – and foot skin is no exception. Dry skin related to aging or over-washing is called “physiological dryness.” For people with that kind of dry skin, the use of emollients and moisturizers is very important in order to replenish lost water in the skin. But there are other possible triggers for dry skin. Fungal infections can be a cause as well as certain systemic conditions such as diabetes or thyroid problems. It is always important to find the cause of the dry feet. 

    The natural substance found in the upper layers of skin (epidermis) that attracts and binds water is urea.  When skin becomes dry it often lacks urea, a naturally occurring substance in the upper layers of the skin (epidermis), which attracts and binds water.

  • 2. How often should I moisturize my feet?

    Podiatrists suggest moisturizing your feet on a daily basis, ideally twice a day. Two good times to apply cream is right after a shower while the skin is still damp and in the evening before going to bed.

  • 3. What is urea and how does it work?

    Urea is a  occurring substance in our skin that is found in the upper skin layers. It has a vital role in maintaining the natural moisturizing factor (NMF). Complex urea lends moisture to the skin and keeps it smooth and supple. Due to its hydrating effects it helps the skin to maintain its elasticity. It also helps to increase the skin’s capacity to store moisture and stabilises the skin’s natural barrier function. In higher concentrations, urea additionally has keratolytic properties; it softens the callused  layer of the skin so it can be easily released.

    The  highly effective moisturizer urea provides long-lasting and intense moisturization, thus helping to reduce dry and calloused areas. Foot creams with urea will help to regenerate and rehydrate dry, rough and calloused skin of the feet, making your feet soft and supple again.

  • 4. Is the Dry Feet Moisturizing Cream suitable for diabetics?

    Yes. In a recent study* on skin care performance, efficacy and skin compatibility, 100% of the diabetic users stated the cream was very well suitable for the daily care of their skin.
  • 5. When should I use the Dry Feet Moisturizing Cream with 10% UREA?

    IF YOU…

    • have dry and rough skin on your feet and want to prevent foot problems that are caused by dry skin, such as hardened or callused  skin.
    • are looking for a daily moisturizer .
    • prefer a moisturizer with a pleasant scent. 
    • are looking for a daily moisturizer that is also suitable for diabetic skin.

    * Dermatological in-use study. 2 weeks, 33 female participants including 19  diabetics. 2013.

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