So fresh, so free – Want to feel good about taking your shoes off any time? You can. No more unpleasantly smelly, sweaty feet – fresh feet all year round!

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About - All you need to know about sweaty feet

How come my feet smell?

Feet can sweat, and consequently develop an unpleasant odour.
Nothing to be ashamed of!
As every foot sweats and is mostly trapped inside socks and shoes, this is only natural. It is the interaction of these two factors along with bacteria that causes the occurrence of unpleasant smell. Feet do have more sweat glands than any other part of the body (about 500 per square centimetre). Sweat as such does not smell, but being enclosed in socks and shoes, microorganisms find ideal circumstances to thrive in the warm and humid climate. The products of their metabolism consequently cause the unpleasant odour.

Treatment - Easy-to-follow tips and advice

Fast relief from sweat and smell

Smelly feet can be uncomfortable. Apart from good foot hygiene (washing, using foot creams, powder etc. - also see: Prevention), foot deodorants or anti-perspirants are key to relieve sweating and odour.

A discretely freshly scented foot spray will see you through hot and humid times: Hansaplast offers two solutions, depending on your needs. Both can be used daily as they are dermatologically tested and designed to be skin-friendly.

Spray on Hansaplast Silver Active to stay dry

Hansapalst Athlete’s Foot Protection 2 in 1 Deo is a highly reliable deodorant with the active ingredient Octenidine. Apply the spray after yourbath or shower to prevent the formation of athlete’s foot and to give your feet a fresh sensation all day long. If you tend to sweat a lot, try Hansaplast Silver Active. This new, highly effective antiperspirant will provide 48 hour safe protection against foot odour and protect reliably against sweat. The antiperspirant works through its well-known active aluminium chloride hexahydrate. But it also contains actual silver ions that go to work against foot odour with their antibacterial complex and highly active effect. Hansaplast Silver Active‘s antibacterial power will also prevent athlete‘s foot at the same time.

Expert Tip

Dr. Maike Kuhlmann, Research & Development, Beiersdorf AG
Active against bacteria: silver ions

“Here’s how the new, highly effective technology works: Odour-producing bacteria are regarded as one of the main factors causing body and especially foot odour, and that’s where Hansaplast Silver Active goes to work. Odour is imminent as soon as fresh sweat, which is odourless at first, is decomposed by bacteria.

„Keeping foot odour
at bay means getting
rid of the bacteria
that produce it.“

Silver Active prevents this from happening. It does so by means of silver technology. The active antibacterial complex with silver ions contained in this latest generation deodorant are effective even in small concentration against bacteria: they destroy the bacteria’s cell membranes, affect their metabolisms, and influence the DNA’s genetic information, so the bacteria are reduced and further growth prevented. Unpleasant foot odour is thus prevented from occurring. It doesn’t irritate skin as it contains no alcohol and is dermatologically tested.”


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Use on one of these effective and skin-friendly sprays to help your feet stay dry and fresh.

Prevention - Smart ways to do it better

Stay dry and cool

It is relatively easy to control most cases of smelly feet.
Here are five easy-to-follow tips:

1. Keep your feet clean. Switch to bathing your feet in lukewarm water instead of washing them quickly in the shower. Use antibacterial soap or a foot soak based on herbs (i.e. sage) if you tend to sweat a lot (a regular one or shower gel will do for anyone else) - and dry your feet well with a soft towel, paying special attention to the areas between the toes.

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2. Care for your feet daily with a moisturiser such as Hansaplast Soft Feeling. In the summer, or if you tend to sweat a lot, you might want to apply powder for a better or drier feeling.



3. Put on clean socks once or twice per day. Use socks made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool, to allow your feet to breathe. (Look out for hi-tech socks containing silver ions). Wash them at high temperatures to maintain hygiene. In sneakers, special socks made especially for athletes may reduce sweating and odour. Should socks get damp, change them right away.

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4. Choose shoes that fit you well and that are not too tight. Change shoes from time to time; especially avoid putting damp, sweaty shoes back on clean feet.

5. Use a skin-friendly deodorant for feet, such as Hansaplast Fresh Active, or an anti-perspirant such as Hansaplast Silver Active on a daily basis. So that you can feel good about taking your shoes off any time!



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